With the new maps coming in the latest update I had to make a decision about how to handle top scores.  Different maps are going to perform differently, so a score from one is not necessarily comparable to another.  So I decided to have the all-time top scores be per-map.  Daily scores will still be map independent.

While I’m happy with that solution, it does leave one problem.  The original map is being retired, and with that there is no place to view the top scores all of you have rightfully earned.  I am truly thankful of all the undead and living bashing you’ve done, so the best thing I can think of is to post your scores here.


1 DrunkleDic 195
2 dnlgjmnz 165
3 dnljmnz 153
4 jjjjj 147
5 pnb 142
6 DreamerB 109
7 TestDummy 102
8 Justin1Shelton 89
9 HeartyHammer 89
10 dude 84
11 drjrj 82
12 marx89 79
14 Moenoen 73
15 nsticky 70
16 bwilliams146 70
17 KapricornPimp 67
18 ashley 62
19 fitch54 59
20 asianboi 59

Congratulations to DrunkleDic for topping the list.  Well played!


1 garret 49
2 DrunkleDic 45
3 pnb 42
4 macnasty 37
5 OriginalThree 37
6 TurKa 36
7 dnljmnz 36
8 cadamus 35
9 kanfwsi 34
10 HeartyHammer 31
11 daltoj 29
12 krownage 29
13 Moenoen 26
14 jon 26
15 TestDummy 26
16 alazas 26
17 JonHeDoesIt 25
18 ChuckBev 25
19 dude 25
20 DanJ 24

Way to stick it to the living, garret!

Thanks everyone for playing.  I hope you really like the new maps.

Update 2

A new update has been released on the marketplace!  Here are the release notes:

Five new maps (which completely replace the old ones)
* Graveyard
* Park
* Farm
* Woods
* Cemetery

* Settings menu moved to be a top level menu
* Added a new About page (where the settings menu used to be), which includes links to submit feedback, visit the website, and share the game
* Added a HUD animation for when your weapon is done reloading
* Auto submit scores is now on by default (note that as before only your best score will show for other players)
* Removed option to place HUD at the bottom instead of the top

* Tweaked undead mode difficulty (brains are slightly less scarce)
* Decreased the rifle cool-down
* Zombies can now take damage while they are spawning
* Adjusted the melee hit detection to better support attacks on the diagonal

* Fixed bug where living mode difficulty would partially care over from game to game (within a session)
* Fixed a crash when loading a corrupt top scores download

NOTE: The update breaks compatibility with any in-progress game saves.  Settings and score history are unaffected


You can download the update here.  Good hunting!

Video of new maps

For a quick glimpse of the new maps, you can take a look at this video:

5 new maps in MustEatBrains Update 2

Of course when you download the update you’ll be able to explore them in full.

More maps!

I really wanted to give everyone some nice variety with the new update, so I put together two new maps (bringing the total to five).


A pristine city park, which of course is overrun with undead. This one has lots of fun details, like the animated halo on the street lamps. It also introduces the green palette, which I also applied to the Woods level to make it feel less dried out.


Most of the maps thus far had been vertical, but I wanted to provide horizontal experiences too (which only Farm had, up to this point). This map has a fenced-in burial plot in a woodland setting, creating some interesting defensive postures.

New maps

The next update will add some new more detailed environments. Here’s a quick sneak peak:

Graveyard Screenshot
A spooky graveyard, inspired by the classic Living map

Farm Screenshot
Open farmland, with fields of corn hiding both friend and foe

Forest Screenshot
A forest clearing, with zombies around every tree


This update adds some key new features:

  • Online leaderboards
  • End-game statistics
  • A leap attack for the undead player

Zombie Leap Screenshot

Downloaded the update here.

MustEatBrains released

MustEatBrains is now available on the Windows Phone marketplace. Key features:

  • A hand-crafted animation style
  • Intuitive controls
  • Play either as the living or as the undead
  • Personal high scores
  • Save and resume your game in progress


Downloaded here.