Update 2

by Chris

A new update has been released on the marketplace!  Here are the release notes:

Five new maps (which completely replace the old ones)
* Graveyard
* Park
* Farm
* Woods
* Cemetery

* Settings menu moved to be a top level menu
* Added a new About page (where the settings menu used to be), which includes links to submit feedback, visit the website, and share the game
* Added a HUD animation for when your weapon is done reloading
* Auto submit scores is now on by default (note that as before only your best score will show for other players)
* Removed option to place HUD at the bottom instead of the top

* Tweaked undead mode difficulty (brains are slightly less scarce)
* Decreased the rifle cool-down
* Zombies can now take damage while they are spawning
* Adjusted the melee hit detection to better support attacks on the diagonal

* Fixed bug where living mode difficulty would partially care over from game to game (within a session)
* Fixed a crash when loading a corrupt top scores download

NOTE: The update breaks compatibility with any in-progress game saves.  Settings and score history are unaffected


You can download the update here.  Good hunting!